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Find peace and happiness in everyday life

Barbara Hoi/Author

Barbara is in the process of writing a book, called 'the Right Brain for the Right Time'. To find out more about the message, content and the availability of this book, click here, to go to 'BOOKS'. To get to know Barbara better, click here

Barbara Hoi/Dyslexic facilitator

Having raised four children, one of them a creative and gifted Dyslexic, Barbara Hoi is dedicated not only to helping children and adults correct Dyslexia, but also to support the mothers of Dyslexic children. She is an inspiring thinker, speaker and author, passionate about living a centred, balanced life and synchronizing her way of life with her work.   

A keen student of metaphysics, quantum thinking, creative expression, education and leading edge energy work, Barbara communicates complex principles in a simple and elegant way, enhancing people’s way of life.

She participated in leading edge research into Energy Healing and Autism, bringing more understanding and solutions to her clients and their families.

Barbara is a licensed Davis Dyslexia Correction Facilitator and certified as a Davis Autism Facilitator/Coach. She was the co-founder of ‘Find Peace Now’ and director of Sydney Dyslexia and Autism Sydney. 

To actively live what she teaches, Barbara nourishes herself and others as a harmoniser (balancing subtle energies) with the Invitation to Life movement, and practices Matrix Energetics.

Living in Sydney with her husband and four children, she recently expanded her business to a beach resort north of Sydney, which has become a hub of creative activity, healing and healthy living. From this place of peace and serenity, the book comes forth to describe her son’s journey from a frustrated non-reader to an award-winning writer at the age of 18. 

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