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Find peace and happiness in everyday life

'The Right Brain for the Right Time' - Barbara Hoi

- You don't have to be Dyslexic, but it helps -

The world is speeding up. Weeks are flying by, information flooding

us, technology submerging our lives - fast and increasingly visual.

Dyslexics are Picture Thinkers. They fit perfectly into this new world

of infinite possibility, intuitively aware of their potential.

Given the right tools to harness the power of their right brain

thinking, they can use creativity to focus and tap into the universal

mind to re-define themselves.

This is an exciting time if you know how to participate as a conscious

creator and none are better equipped for it than those who are

currently struggling in our schools.

This insightful and practical book will bring relief and real answers

to help mothers to RELAX, and shift their focus to empower themselves

and naturally create a higher quality of connection in all

relationships. Consequently they will hold a safe space for their

children to thrive, rather than 'fixing' what is not broken in the

first place.

Reading this book will change the way you think about yourself, gently

guiding you into a life, filled with new possibilities. Your children

and partner will be far happier and successful as a result.

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